Summer Camp

Oh those sunny months come and go every year and each one of them can be so memorable!

At Nikos Day Care LLC, we realize how important summer can be to kids. It’s a time when school is out but it is also a time where they can enjoy outdoor activities with peers.

At our summer camp, children will enjoy:

  • Outdoor Picnics
  • Theatre
  • Puzzles and Problem Solving
  • Learning to Care for Pets
  • Painting Exercises
  • Gardening and Tree Planting
  • Playing Board Games
  • Leadership and Team Exercises
  • Making Scrapbooks and Memory Books
  • Learning First Aid
  • Water Play Activities
  • Dance Lessons
  • Art Activities and Crafts

Wouldn’t summer be exciting for your little one when they spend it at Nikos Day Care LLC? Enroll now!